Terms and Conditions


1. General


1.1 These general terms and conditions apply to all services provided by STRADA LEGALE Law Firm (company without legal personality), having its registered offices at 2000 ANTWERP, Frankrijklei 115, with company number 0846.711.416, to its client.


1.2 Contact information


Antwerp office: Frankrijklei 115, 2000 ANTWERPEN
T: +32 3 491 04 50
F: +32 3 491 04 59


Brussels office: Jozef Van Elewijckstraat 86 bus 6, 1853 Strombeek
T: +32 2 268 84 06
F: +32 2 268 84 07


Ghent office: Fortstraat 5, 9180 MOERBEKE-WAAS


e-mail: kantoor@stradalegale.be


1.3 The lawyers associated with STRADA LEGALE are lawyers in Belgium and are registered with the Antwerp Bar Association and/ or the Brussels Bar Association and/ or the Ghent Bar Association They are subject to the rules of the Order of Flemish Bars and to the rules of the Order of Lawyers in Antwerp and Brussels.


2. Services


The services provided by STRADA LEGALE relate, among other things, to assistance and conducting court proceedings, advice, assistance with negotiations, etc. This list is not exhaustive. The parties will agree on the precise object of the service at the start of the work and may, if necessary, supplement or change it afterwards.


3. Liability


3.1 The lawyers associated with STRADA LEGALE are individually insured for their professional liability by means of an insurance policy subscribed by the ORDER OF FLEMISH BALIES with AMLIN EUROPE NV (first insurer, 75%), ZURICH INSURANCE PLC, Belgium Branch (co-insurer, 25%) and KBC VERZEKERINGEN NV (co-insurer, 5%) underwritten insurance “civil professional liability of lawyers (Broker: Vanbreda Risk & Benefits nv, B-2140 Borgerhout, Plantin and Moretuslei 297).


3.2 The coverage of this insurance agreement applies to facts that occurred from January 1, 2013. The guarantee of this insurance agreement applies to the consequences of acts committed worldwide, for activities that the insured perform from their office established in Belgium and under reservation of the clarifications made by the insurance contract. However, the claims against the insured in the United States or Canada, or under the laws or jurisdiction of the United States or Canada are not insured.


3.3 The intervention of the insurer – under the specific terms and conditions of the subscribed insurance policy – amounts to a maximum of € 1,250,000 per claim.


4. Reimbursement


4.1 Unless otherwise agreed, STRADA LEGALE applies a basic hourly rate of € 150.00 per hour excl. VAT for its fees. This fee may vary depending on the type of case and the possible urgency. The rate used is always communicated during a first conversation.


4.2 Without prejudice to the charging of fees, the costs will be charged as follows (all amounts are exclusive VAT):


  • Case start up (one-time cost): € 50.00
  • Correspondence: € 12.50
  • Photocopies: € 0.25
  • Colour copies: € 2.00
  • Plan copies: € 6.00
  • Displacement: € 0.75
  • Archive cost (one-time cost): € 30.00
  • Telephone: € 1.00
  • Fax: € 0.50


In addition, other costs will be charged at cost price.


4.3 The legal costs advanced by STRADA LEGALE will be charged separately.


4.4 STRADA LEGALE reserves the right to request advance payments by commencement and during the course of its work by means of a provisionary note. An advance is a flat-rate amount that the client must pay to STRADA LEGALE prior to a detailed interim invoice or final invoice. The settlement takes into account the advances already charged.


5. Payment


All invoices are payable within fourteen days of the invoice date. In the event of late payment, interest at the legal interest rate is owed by law and without prior written notice of default, as well as a lump sum compensation of 10% of the late payment, with a minimum of € 30.


6. Third-party funds


Third-party funds received may be used to cover outstanding invoices that the client owes, or to cover the services and costs to be invoiced, unless STRADA LEGALE would refrain from this.


7. Judicial compensation


The justice compensation is a flat-rate amount as compensation for the costs and fees of the successful party and does not in any way include the actual costs and fees of STRADA LEGALE.


8. Disputes


In the event of a dispute, only the courts of Antwerp have jurisdiction. Belgian law applies exclusively.




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