Thierry Walbrecht

Who and what
Thierry Walbrecht obtained his law degree from the University of Ghent in 1996. He specialized in civil law. In 1997 he took an advanced course in maritime law and inland navigation law at the Antwerp UFSIA.

He is one of the founding partners of Strada Legale.

Walbrecht acts on behalf of one of the largest insurance companies in the country, mainly regarding liability. He is also the attorney of several Belgian and foreign companies, particularly in the field of commercial law and debt collection.

Since 2001 he has been the council member for the municipality of Moerbeke-Waas, with current competences Town and Country Planning, Town Refuse, Legal Affairs and Insurance, and with that qualification he is member of Board of Directors of IDM (Intermunicipal Waste Processing Association for Moerbeke-Waas, Wachtebeke, Zelzate, Lochristi, Zele and Lokeren). Previously, he sat on the board of Imewo and Finiwo. He is also teacher with IJO.


Civil Law and Liability Law (divorces, legacies, ...)
Traffic Law (criminal + injuries)
Commercial Law & Debt Collection
Real Estate and construction law
All claims relating to huntingin the broadest sense (including weapons)