Practice areas

Construction & Property Legislation

At Strada Legale a number of lawyers have specialized in construction and property legislation for years. Indeed, several members of our team have numerous publications and lectures on this subject to their credit.

Strada Legale will assist you from the start in your case to avoid possible future problems as much as possible, or at least limit them as much as we can.

Strada Legale provides advice, conducts negotiations, draws up contracts and will defend you in relation to various subjects.
We act entirely in our client’s interests, clients who cover a wide range of sectors. Individual builders or buyers, architects, contractors, consultancies, safety coordinators, promoters, investors, estate agencies, associations of joint owners, insurance companies, etc. regularly call in the services of our experienced team.

You will be assisted by

Wim Nackaerts
Pieter Verherstraeten

This is specifically about

Construction and renovation
  • contracts for or with construction participants such as architects, contractors, engineers, safety coordinators, …
  • construction defects
  • delays in construction
  • price discussions
Property acquisitions
Agency contracts and commission payments for estate agents
Building promotion and project development
Residential leases
Commercial leases
Socio-economic permits
Property leasing
Joint ownership (apartments)
Property management
Facility management
Town and country planning
Parcelling out
Soil decontamination
Government contracts
Professional legislation for architects, contractors, estate agents, ...