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Collection & Judicial Debt Collection

Unlike collection agencies, Strada Legale and her lawyers personally follow up on your debt collections. You can directly contact us on the matter.

At the start of your case, we make clear agreements regarding your desired strategy as well as the financial settlement.

This allows you to involve our services at any time in the debt collection.

This is specifically about

We review or draft your general conditions and advice on adjustments in order to avoid possible problems in the future regarding language/territory/interests/damages and execution.

You choose between a soft approach (sending one last reminder with no extra costs) or a hard approach (immediately issue a writ of summons for businesses of one last demand for payment for private debtors, followed by a writ of summons in case of no payment), depending on whether you wish a further future commercial corporation with the debtor).

We plead your case before court and await a judgment.

We send a demand for payment based on the judgment, in case there is still no payment, this is immediately followed by having the judgment served/executed/seized if the costs can be recovered (anyhow, you are always first consulted about this step).

The debt is collected and we settle our costs and fee; we always aim to collect for you the entire main amount of the claim (at least with non-protested debts).

Prior to starting the legal procedure we ask for a limited provision on our costs and fee, mainly used to advance the costs for the writ of summons. The big advantage of our method is that you are not obliged to, in the absence of payment, turn to a party other than the collection agency that you contacted. After all, a collection agency does not have the ability to take legal actions, so the story ends at the time that your debtor does not voluntarily pay the debt (which is usually the case).

Currently we act in terms of debt collection for numerous domestic enterprises and individuals but also for a number of foreign European companies.

Regarding your recoveries abroad we work with several foreign law firms with whom we have built a good relationship over the years.

In any case, we are always prepared to come and explain to you our personal approach.

A piece of valuable advice: Never let debt collection drag on – contact Strada Legale as soon as possible. Your cashflow and your profitability will be all the better for it. The longer you wait, the less chance you have of recovering the money you are owed.

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Sylvia Lagrou
Thierry Walbrecht