STRADA LEGALE offers assistance to a large number of businesses, such as sole proprietorships, KMO’s tot the bigger players on the market. That is why we deal with commercial legislation in all its aspects.

We always aim for the perfect solution, tailored to our client’s specific business. Not only the legal rules are significant in this area, but also the importance of good business relationship between all parties. In corporate life a pragmatic solution is of great importance, which STRADA LEGALE is well aware of. The combination of regulation and sound business judgment lead to the ideal deal.


Companies and business enterprises

>  Foundation and articles of association
>  Share syndicates and
    related contracts
>  Liability of founders,
    directors and managers
>  Takeovers of assets,
    sections of a business,
    commercial premises or shares
>  Joint ventures and
    collaborative agreements


>  Bankruptcy, compositions and
    collective debt settlement
>  Liabilities in bankruptcy and sureties
>  Companies in difficulty


Commercial contracts

>  Distribution and dealerships
>  Commercial agencies
>  Franchising
>  Sole traders
>  Purchase contracts and
>  Insurance policies
>  General conditions

Trading practices

>  Unfair competition and
    dishonest trading practices
>  Legislation on seasonal sales
>  Remote selling and
    door-to-door selling
>  Compulsory consumer protection
    in contracts

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